Our 50th anniversary

19 October 2013 nearly 320 former members of the group were invited to the Ortisei cultural house to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the folk dance group. The evening began with a cocktail and was accompanied musically by the “Tiroler Alpenklang” group. Many of the guests were so happy to dance that they did not even eat the main course. Ortisei’s mayor Ewald Moroder made a short speech paying many compliments to the folk dance group. It was a great honor to have on the stage the founder of group Toni Senoner, known as Toni Polizai, who briefly told how was founded the group, giving details about the dances and the costumes. If we compare the times with those of today, we can say that not much has changed. The folk dance group was and is still led by many young people who come together with joy for the rehearsals and shows.
Many dances have been passed down to this day. In fact, eight guests tried to perform on stage the famous “Watschenplattler” after many years. Not only they but also the audience had great fun watching them.
In 2014 in memory of the 50th anniversary was created a calendar with old photographs of the folk dance group of Ortisei.
We would like to give a special thanks to the organizers of the event, a particularly successful evening. However, without the help of many volunteers and sponsors it would not have been possible to organize such an event. Thanks a lot to everyone. Thanks also to all the guests who made the evening a special event.

IMG_2063 Kopie